Our Goal: Partnering with you in the sale of scrap as easily and as profitably as possible.

Metals We Trade

Ferrous Scrap Metal

This category of scrap includes all grades of steel, which is the most recycled scrap metal material around the world. The list of common ferrous scrap metal items we deal in includes:

Shredder Feed

Cast Iron

Ductile Pipe & Rebar

Chain Link Fence

Manganese steel

Prepared and unprepared steel

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Non Ferrous Scrap Metal

Non-ferrous metals and alloys are valuable commodities that can be recycled an infinite number of times because they do not break down in processing.  These include:



Brass and Bronze


Nickel & Zinc

Stainless Steel

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For Suppliers

No matter what type of metal materials you have to sell, give us a call to see what our brokers can do for you and the prices that you might get for your scrap today. We talk to our scrap metal suppliers every day to see what their needs are and then do everything we can do meet those needs. From car crushers to municipal landfills and demolition experts, each supplier gets personal attention from our traders. For demolition companies, please give us a call to request bids on your scrap metal.

For Buyers

We sell scrap metals to mills, recyclers, foundries and a variety of other commercial and industrial businesses all over the United States. We guide our sellers in how to process the materials to your specifications and handle all trucking—so you get the scrap metal product you need right on schedule. If you are a scrap metal buyer with a need for a particular product, give us a call.

Valley Metal Services trades in all varieties of scrap metal. We buy, sell, and trade ferrous scrap metal and non-ferrous scrap metal of all grades, including hard to move items and materials such as galvanized steel fencing, railroad track, steel punchings, and forklift or crane counterweights.  Call us today to talk to one of our professionals.